My favourite blogs.

Before I started blogging myself, I was an avid blog reader for many years. I still am. Instead of magazines (or: on top of reading magazines) I usually read between ten and fifteen blogs every day. Sometimes over breakfast, sometimes in front of the tv and sometimes on my phone when I am waiting for my tram. I love these blogs, because they inspire me, make me contemplate stuff or they simply feel like checking in with an old friend.
I thought I would put together a list of some of my favourite blogs and introduce them to you. So you might develop a nice little blog reading habit of your own. Here are my favourites, in no particular order.


This was the first blog I started to read on a daily basis and to this day it is still my favourite. It is run by Sandra Beijer, who is a freelance writer and blogger and creative designer. She blogs about her daily life, her clothes and stuff she likes (like pasta and dogs and men with pretty cheekbones).

She lived in Stockholm when I started reading her blog, but then moved to New York and then to Paris and now she lives in Stockholm again. I am wildly in love with her, also because her blog helped me to learn Swedish when I started studying it. Now that I have mastered the language, I am still hooked on her blog, her beautiful life, the fantastic parties she goes to with her ridiculously handsome friends and all the small stories she writes from time to time. Massive girlcrush!

Elsa Billgren

Elsa is actually a friend of Sandra's. She is also a blogger, tv host and vintage expert. I have blogged about her and her vintage wedding dresses a little while back, when I stayed in Stockholm (I actually ran into her on my first day in Stockholm and I had her book on vintage in my purse. Felt like a good omen for my stay there...). Hers is another blog I check daily. She has impeccable taste when it comes to vintage items, owns pretty dresses, has a very handsome husband (who also makes lovely music), and a wardrobe I would kill for. To top it all off, she also lives in probably the prettiest flat in the entire world. All of my frilly vintage dresses I bought with her in mind. My favourite honorary redhead and my vintage rolemodel! 

A beautiful mess

Elsie and Emma are my daily dose of home improvement, DIY and cooking inspiration. I got many ideas from their blog, for example the DIY beeswax candles and the recipe for pumpkin risotto. The two sisters from Missouri never seem to run out of creative ideas for just about everything. I really like their style and the whole aesthetic concept of their blog. It lightens up my day everytime!


A Cup of Jo

I already wrote about Joanna Goddard's blog once. It's my favourite New York City blog. From funny stuff she found on the internet to brilliant shopping ideas, I always find something worthwhile on that lovely little blog.

Annika Bäckström

I have been following Annika's blog for over four years now and have been amazed by her creativity and beautiful ideas. She lives in Stockholm, is a designer, a drummer in a heavy metal band called Brutal Beyond Belief and illustrates the hell out of stuff. Sometimes she has pink hair. She goes on awesome costume parties and once made a stop motion video that impressed me so much, I had to make my own. The one below is hers. Unbelievably pretty. Make sure to also check out her illustrations!

Ideas by heart from annika bäckström on Vimeo.

(All the pictures are taken from the blogs mentioned above. I published them with the kind permission of all of the bloggers I mentioned. Thank you ladies! ♥)