Today, November 20th, is the official and international Kick-A-Ginger-Day (which I probably shouldn't even mention to people around me...).

Since I am one proud ginger, I thought I would give you the most ginger-y blog entry of all times, to make you feel some ginger love. We're actually quite lovely. Honestly!

Here are some pictures I took at the Redhead Days in Breda this year. You can read the full article I wrote about it (in German) here.

Here's a heart-breaking article about a ginger seal that got shunned by its peers. ♥

Here's a song about a gorgeous red-haired woman called Jolene. Oh Jolene...

I recently found out that there are girls (and boys) who are really, reeeally into ginger men. For those of you out there: Here's a Buzzfeed list with pictures. (Prince Harry I kinda get, but Shaun White? Really?)

Some useful facts about people with red hair.

The very funny Ginger Song by Hale and Pace

And last but not least: Why it's awesome to be ginger.

So, let's make this day a day to embrace our ginger friends, hug them tight and appreciate their redhairedness. Don't kick us. With our fiery tempers, you might regret it...

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