Funny, funny men.

I don't know if you can tell, but I quite enjoy laughter and silliness. And what makes me laugh most is people saying funny and witty and ridiculous and hilarious and ludicrous things. Also, people falling over. Always great.

I recently discovered that you can actually watch whole stand-up programmes on Youtube. I put together some of my favourites, so if you had a sordid start of the week and need some cheering up - this is for you! Hang in there you guys! Friday is coming.

Dara O'Briain - This is the show

Funny, funny Irishman. Once I had one of his shows as some sort of audiobook and regularly started laughing hysterically on some vehicle of the public transportation system. People would leave my immediate area and started to stand, rather than sitting next to me...

Donald Glover - Weirdo

"He's the quirky black man that all the quirky white girls could imagine dating." Apparently I am part of the demographic group 'quirky white girl' then, because I carry a tiny torch for Donald Glover. I already loved him on Community, his stand-up is also really funny!

Simon Amstell - Do nothing

He's jewish, gay, slightly waspish and underfed, so he is pretty much exactly my type. Man, I wish he was still hosting Never mind the buzzcocks...

Dylan Moran - Like, Totally

Not only is the man crazy funny, he also constantly drinks red wine and smokes cigarettes on stage. I tip my hat and laugh with my mouth open. Hooray and yes.

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