DIY Christmas presents: The letter and the spoon

We continue our lovely present ideas series with two other things that are perfect giveaways: colour-dipped kitchen utensils and customized garlands.

You can find the manual to the perfect garland here. I also stocked up the Etsy shop with nerdy Christmas garlands, so you can celebrate the holidays in style.

How about a lovely, christmas-y 'Ho Ho Hodor' garland to hang next to your Christmas tree?! Christmas is coming!

For the kitchen utensils all you need are some wooden kitchen utensils (suprise!) and some varnish. I had some pastell varnish left-overs from when I painted my kitchen chairs, and I simply used it to paint my kitchen utensils as well. You should sand down the utensils first, to make sure they are completely dry and grease-free. Then use at least 3 coats of varnish and let it dry sufficiently.I didn't really 'dip' the utensils in paint though, although it's called "colour-dipped". Instead I used tape to mark an edge and painted the handle with a brush. If you dip it, there will be too much excess varnish and it will take ages to dry.

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