Boogie all night long.

Holy Moly, it has been ages since we last had some decent music on this blog! Let's take a peek (what's the audio equivalent to the visual expression 'peek' I wonder?! Any suggestions?) at some stuff I have listened a lot to lately...

Jake Bugg - Slumville Sunrise from Jake Bugg Brasil on Vimeo.

I have rarely seen a music video that ludicrous, but since I harbour a teeny-tiny crush on the guy and the song is really good, I will condone that. His new album comes out this Friday and, boy, am I excited!

Remember how I work in a record store? Well, this guy's album has been on heavy rotation for the past four weeks. Usually it takes me about two hours to go outright insane, get really aggressive and developing the urge to smash the record to pieces, but this one seems to be the exception from the rule. The guy has just finished school and still has to learn that there's a time and a place for a moustache, (and this video and his face aren't it!) but this song is really catchy as fuck! Well done, m'boy!

Daniel Adams-Ray is one of my favourite Swedish artists. He was one half of the Swedish hip-hop duo Snook, now he's doing more of a pop singer thing and I really, really liked his last album. Yesterday was the Swedish release date for his second solo album (and what I've heard so far was quite good!). Unfortunately, the guy doesn't seem to be too keen on making music videos, so all I can show you is an old one from his last album. Holy Moly, did I celebrate a nasty heartache to this song!

Arctic Monkeys - One For The Road from FRIEND on Vimeo.

And another one. Man, I like that album! And is it just me, or is Alex Turner slowly becoming Elvis? I mean Hot Elvis, before he discovered peanut butter sandwiches...

If you are looking for further inspiration in terms of what to put on your ipod, just check out this neat little Spotify list. Not everything on it is that new, but it lights up my tram rides to work considerably!

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