5 things from the Internet

To get you in the right mood for the approaching weekend, here's another list of 5 things. A little bit funny, a little bit weird, a little bit sad and a little bit awesome. This internet sure is an interesting thing.

1. The dumbest things that have ever happened. One of my alltime favourite buzzfeed lists... "I think Ima die of beaties".

2. Bad british basketball commentary. "Wowzers in me trousers!"

3.The brilliant tumblr "rap poems" puts hip hop lyrics on the kind of pretty pictures you find on Pinterest. To really bring out the beauty in those words. Awesomeness.

(all pictures taken from here)

4. Definitely need this llama shirt.

5. And now, to make you sob into your keyboard, here is a wonderful and incredibly sad clip by the LGBT rights organisation AllOut, regarding the next Olympic Games in 2014 in Sochi. And if you're looking for the best apparel to match your political convictions, go here.

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