5 fun things from the internet

1. So, tap dance, am I right?! Also something you wouldn't necessarily want to watch for hours. But this mesmerizing Lady Gaga 1940s cover version of "Just dance" includes a (fairly handsome) tapdancer and I've been listening to it for hours now.

2. If you ever wondered whether you were a fucking feminist...

3. 20 Pictures taken on the very brink of disaster. Brilliant.

4. Have you already seen the newly built Qatar football stadium? Have you seen what it looks like? My salutes to the (female) architect, who obviously has a brilliant sense of humour!

5. And lastly: If you were also shocked by the obviously ludicrous choice of People magazine to elect Adam Levine as sexiest man alive, let's all just remember why that is a title a certain Mr Gosling should inherit for life. Thank you.

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