With a little help from my friends.

I might already have advised you all to listen to a fantastic band called Spring Offensive, and because "Groundhog Day" is one of my favourite movies and I am generally fond of being stubborn I will repeat myself once more (and possibly a few more times after that). Let's listen to this song for instance:

Right, now that we have established that they are awesome and deserve to become enormously famous, let's all take a minute (and our credit cards) and actually help making that happen. The band are currently trying to release their first album and they need a little cashish to get the whole thing rolling. So they are selling a lot of awesome stuff on Pledgemusic. Like the actual album on CD or vinyl (signed by the band), shirts, totes, gorgeous prints, handmade cassette tapes, a homemade dinner by the band, intimate acoustic shows or a kidnapping (for the weirdos amongst you)...

I would strongly advise (read: command) you to pledge on some of their stuff and make this album happen. Go and do it here, also check out the band's Facebook page and their homepage.


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