Time for heroes: Noel Gallagher

Let's be frank here: people don't usually nod along when you mention your deep admiration for the genius that is Noel Gallagher. Even those who like his music usually just go "Erm, well, but you wouldn't want to go on a 72-hour roadtrip through Russia with him though!". Well, actually I would. Because the man is a genius. And probably the funniest man to be born in the past 50 years. And he would get piss-blind-drunk on Vodka with me and tell me funny stories about Robbie Williams and Keane.

Sure, there were these "I wish Damon Albarn would die of AIDS" interviews in the mid-90s, but to be fair: it was the mid-90s, everybody was on cocaine and he has apologized a trillion times for that. He and Damon are buddies now, as evidenced by this video.

I even carry a torch for his dickhead of a brother Liam, whom not even I would want to go on a roadtrip with, but who is the perfect example of how entertaining it can be when a person has endless swagger and massive figurative balls. Not simply going "I am the best" but saying "I am god. And John Lennon. And you should go and get me a drink, sweetheart!". That's what rockstars are for: behaving badly and being funny whilst doing it. Oh yeah, and making brilliant music that makes you weep of joy.

To really get you on my side with the whole thing, I have found two interviews that capture the man's dazzling wit and funniness.

Oh, and - fun fact - if you want to see me cry myself senseless, just show me this video of Noel performing "Don't look back in anger". Waterworks. Every fuckin time.

(picture above taken from here)

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