The Quest for the Holy Grail

I own more than ten different jackets. They either have holes, are too light or make me look fat. I hate them all. And I can not, will not wear any of them this winter.

It's been years now, and every fall I start looking again and every year I come to the same stupid conclusion: There is really no ideal winter coat. As soon as the temperature drops below zero, I immediately lose my will to live but unfortunately I never lose the will to look as thin and pretty as possible. And a puffy winter coat doesn't exactly slenderise your figure. All the thin leather jackets and fashionable ponchos on the other hand leave you with pneumonia. It's a Catch 22 if I ever saw one...

This year I decided to go for a nice, warm, dark blue dufflecoat. Only to discover that there is no such thing in my size, my price range and without 80% polyacrylic shit in it. I have browsed every online store in the entire internet and haven't found my perfect Holy Grail dufflecoat.Yesterday I found one in a more fancy store in town. I tried it on and it fit. It was wool. It was snug and warm and brightly red. It was 50% off. Then I looked at the label. It was Mulberry. I expected the worst. I looked at the price tag. I took off the coat and left the store sweating.

At this point I feel a bit like Indiana Jones on his quest for the Holy Grail. Minus the annoying father and the Nazis. Only that Indy was eventually successful (you know, until the stupid German girl took the Grail outside and made the entire temple collapse). And he wore a kick-ass leather jacket!

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