DIY Christmas presents: Chocolate Fudge

Have a sweet tooth? Well, you shoud get some sweet fudge to go along with it. Sweet, sweet chocolate fudge. Which is not only very tasty, but also very pretty if you do it right.

It's also the perfect Christmas present for that co-worker you don't know that well or the mother-in-law who says that you don't need to get her anything, but every year she does get something for you and then you end up looking like a complete arse.

Well, no more! Because this year you will make her chocolate fudge, which will be so much better than her present, because it's homemade with loads of love and sugar and butter. Booya!

A fair warning before we start: Please, seriously, do not do this with children. Molten sugar is extremely hot and if you get it on your skin it causes extremely vicious and painful burns. Also - don't ever lick the stuff off a tablespoon. It will burn your gums down to the bone!

You need:
80g butter
2 dl cream
1 tsp salt
half a vanilla bean
170g glucose syrup
250 sugar
40g dark chocolate
a food thermometre

You start by putting the butter, cream, salt and vanilla in a pot and put it on low heat to melt the butter. At the same time you put a pot with a heavy bottom (copper pots are preferable but not necessary) on high heat. In it you have the sugar and the glucose syrup. I bought mine in Danmark, since it's absolutely impossible to get some in Germany. You might try Amazon or Ebay, sometimes you can find something there.

You heat up the sugar and syrup mass until it reaches roughly 170°C and stir constantly. It should look somewhat like this.

Take the sugar off the heat and cautiously (!) pour the cream and butter into it. It will start huffin' and puffin' and you should be really careful not to get any of that stuff on your skin. IT. IS. LIKE. LAVA. When it's all done, it looks like this.

Add the chocolate and let it melt. Now put the pot back on medium heat and let it simmer until it reaches about 120°C. Do the thing where you have glass of cold water and you let a little drop of the fudge plop into it to test its consistency.

Take out the vanilla bean and pour the thing on a tray covered with baking paper.

Let it cool for a few hours and then cut it into pieces.

Wrap the pieces in sandwich paper.

I put mine in the beautiful vintage candy tin I bought in Stockholm.


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