DIY Christmas presents: The Beeswax Tea Cup Candle

Being broke sucks. Especially around Christmas, when you want to give away Christmas presents that make people weep uncontrollably and hug you whilst sobbing a heartfelt "thank you" (Unrealistic? You clearly never got a present from me...). So for those of you who also can't afford to give away giftbaskets filled with gold and caviar, I will showcase a few fairly simple and awesome Christmas presents to give away or keep for yourselves.

Over the next few weeks I will share my best DIY present ideas with you, dear blog readers. So we can all give our mothers the homemade and personal gifts they always wanted. And this time it won't be a shitty picture frame with macaroni!

We will start this series with a special beeswax candle. Special why? Because it's in a vintage tea cup. Usually candles are the lamest present possible (apart from bath salts), but these ones are a whole other story.

I bought some old tea cups from a thrift shop for 50 cent a piece. Just rumble around in thrift shops and on flee markets and I am sure you will find a lot of them as well. To get the beeswax was a bit more difficult but you can find some good quality wax on Ebay and Amazon. Make sure not to overpay for it! You can find good, organic wax for under 15 Euros a kilo. I bought 3 kg, but depending on how many candles you want to make, 1-2 kg should suffice (1kg makes approximately 8 candles.).

You start by warming up the wax in the oven. I filled the wax into one of those aluminium food containers, because whatever you fill the wax into will never ever be wax free again! Be very aware of that and don't use a container that you are particularly fond of. Also make sure the wax doesn't get too hot. I put the oven on 100°C and left the wax in there for a few hours. If the wax starts to smoke, you should lower the temperature. Do something else while the wax melts, it really takes a while...

When the wax is liquid, you can take it out. Be careful, molten wax on clothing or your kitchen floor is a bitch!

I had bought pre-waxed wick from an art supplies shop. So I filled the cups with a bit of wax and stuck the wick in there. I had to hold it very still until the wax hardened. Then I filled the cup up with more wax.

It's ridiculous just how much fun it is to watch the dark orange wax become a light yellow and then the satisfyingly dark honey yellow colour that beeswax usually is. And these candles are not just enormously pretty, they also smell like a piece of heaven. Well, bee heaven. And, when they are burnt down, you can simply clean out the cup and you have a fancy vintage tea cup. How awesome is this?!

Since I don't put advertisements on this blog, I am currently not earning any money with all of this. Which is fine, but you know, the whole being broke thing that I mentioned earlier?! I'm not getting paid by companies for writing about their products and it doesn't cost anything to read this blog. So, if you want to help out a poor little blogger and get one of these fancy beeswax candles in a fancy vintage cup, you should go on Etsy, visit my fancy new Etsy shop and buy one. Fancy yay! Go and check it out here!

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