5 things

Whoa, we didn't have a 5 things list in ages. Time for some stuff I found on the interwebz.

1. Hard rockers admitting to their favourite pop songs. Not only do we learn that Slash likes Katy Perry, we also find out that it was Marilyn Manson who had to tell Justin Timberlakes mum how many holes she had between her legs. Hoo boy...

2. A mum in space. To use the technical term: holy bejeezus! I'm a tiny bit obsessed with space and astronauts and this is really incredible! Although I would probably throw up around the clock if I was in her position, she seems to enjoy it...

3. The most hipster things that ever have happened. My personal favourite: The girl spinning yarn in the waiting room...

4. Apparently this stuff is really old, but I only discovered it last week and peed my pants a little bit. Completely shitfaced people who have to explain historical events which are then acted out by famous actors. Here are two of my favourites.

5. And last but not least: The altogether Dylan Moran bashing the shit out of us Germans. "They sound like a typewriter eating tin foil falling down the stairs!"

(picture above taken from here)

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