Sweet sweet Alexa.

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I am usually not the type to fancy designer clothing items. For one thing, I often find the highstreet version by H&M much nicer (can you hear all the fashion bloggers gasp at this?!), and I also have a tiny version of my mum in the back of my head, going "100 quid for trainers?! Trainers?? I don't think so young lady!".

Having said this, I fell in love a few years ago. With a designer handbag in soft, brown buffalo leather, with bronze buckles and a woven handle. It was the Alexa bag by Mulberry that caught my eye, and I have suffered a severe heartbreak ever since. I don't have 1200 dollars to spend on a handbag, and even if I did, I would not spend it on something that can basically be replaced by a 10 dollar linen tote bag in terms of usefulness.

But when I started my internship two weeks ago - completely broke - I decided I needed a nice office handbag. So I typed "mulberry alexa" into the search field on the Amazon website. You know, like you would google "ryan gosling naked", when you are bored and slightly tipsy on a Friday night.

And then, something amazing happened! Someone was actually selling an exact replica rip-off of the Mulberry Alexa for 19,95. And on Friday, it finally arrived. It smells like a car tire and a trained eye will spot in under two seconds that it's a fake, but at least I did not have to sell all of my belongings and my body to buy it. And it's big enough to carry everything I need: purse, mobile, keys, sunglasses, make-up bag and my book. Hazaa!

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