Living for the weekend

Oh yes, I am still alive. At least I think so. I'm crazy tired, so I can't really be sure.
For the past two weeks I have been an intern. Which means I spend my days in front of a computer at work and when I come home in the evenings, I am fairly close to the point of throwing any computer I might see out of a window.
But, nevertheless, I have collected a few fun things for you to marvel at, laugh about or waste away some time with.
Have a wonderful weekend!

1. The Kings of Summer. I will watch this as soon as possible.

2.  The Brighton Dandies. It was a swimming club founded by gentlemen who would wear top hats at all times. Immense new man crush over here...

 (picture taken from here)

3. Why you should never ever buy Barilla pasta EVER again.

4. Give me a good song, dimmed light and a few beers and I will terrify you on the dancefloor! Seriously downright terrify you! With very little coordination and no normal sense of shame, I usually look like a slightly unhinged person who is having a seizure. This condition makes it all the more impressive to me, when people can do crazy stuff with their bodies. Like dancing ballet. And I love documentaries, so this one is a win-win.

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