I can see red people. Redhead Days, Day 2

It's a bit hard to write something sensible about something as weird as the Redhead Day. Sunday was the day of the festival's main event and it left me searching for words. It's especially hard to describe it to non-redhaired people, since you guys can't possibly imagine how awesome, creepy and confusing it is, to see so many people looking like yourself. Since the festival is relatively small and partly crowdfunded, they don't have an endless budget to spend. So the programme was a little limited, but simply walking the streets of Breda and grinning at every fellow redhead was fun enough. Also - we were interviewed for tv and a ton of strangers took pictures of us. Weird but fun...
Here are a few pictures I took, and one that I stole from my little sister. Enjoy!

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  1. This is way too awesome! :D