Don't tell anyone you don't own "Blonde on Blonde". It's gonna be okay.

This Friday was sadly my last day at the record shop where I have been a customer for the past eight years and worked for the past two years. And even though my job consisted in large parts of serving flat out crazy people, I will miss it a lot.

True, I had to deal with weirdos, arrogant arseholes, crazies and perverts on a daily basis (just to be clear: all of them were customers, not my colleagues. They were usually lovely!), but it's also the place where I have met some of my best friends, discovered some great music and had a lot of fun. Also, I learned how to gift wrap records. And I found out that I can deal with even the most crazy customers, because they usually make the best stories to tell your friends afterwards. Like the woman who listened to 63 records before she finally bought one. Or the guy who came in and asked for the same reggae sampler every week for three months in a row ("It's yellow, red and green on the front, and the name is 'reggae....something'. Do you know it?").

(never got to do that, unfortunately...)

Starting tomorrow I will start as an office intern for a local PR and marketing organisation. I'm seriously excited and one step closer to become an actual grown-up. Who would have thought?! (whoop whoop!)

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