Call me Jule Garland.

I have been getting really into crafts lately. When you spend as many nights completely beat on your couch as I do, re-watching old Parks&Rec episodes and consuming large quantities of whatever is in your fridge, you need something to do with your hands. I usually smoke. Or paint my toenails. Or hold a wineglass. Or some other sort of cold beverage. But these sorts of things are either bad for your health or your figure or your nailbeds, so I needed something healthy and creative to do. Enter: the knight in cardboard armour!

I have always liked party banners. Especially funny ones. And since I saw this brilliant one on Etsy, I thought about getting into the business of making garlands myself.

So I used my mum's printer to print out large, bold letters. I cut them out and laminated them (thank god for mothers who have laminating machinery...). These are now my stencils.

I bought some coloured, heavy paper for the garlands. I even found some that glitters, and it's a known fact that glitter makes everything better.

I simply put the stencils on the paper, then cut the letters out of the paper and stick them to some string with scotch tape. The end.

The first few garlands that I gave away as presents were quite nerdy. No surprises there...

(I nicked this picture from the awesome misscaro for whom I also made this girlpower-booya-kickass-arya-garland, by the way.)

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  1. Aww I love this! The Winter is Coming one is beyond phenomenal!