5 things to lift your mood considerably

Since I have been lying on my couch since Tuesday, coughing my head off and being generally underwhelmed by my life right now, I think it is time to whip out a list of awesome things from the internet. Because that's what the internet is for - lifting your mood, making contact to far away people more easy and Youtube clips of kittens. That's what it's all about.

1. These are some rare pictures of famous people when they were younger. If you ever wanted to see Amy Winehouse as Minnie Mouse or Bruce Lee dancing Cha Cha Cha - this is your page. ♥

2. Can't. Stop. Watching. Glorious 90s... You gotta believe!

3. Final proof that Noel Gallagher is, in fact, god.

4. This week I watched the first episode of the new FOX show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", starring my probably geekiest star-crush Andy Samberg. What can I say? I had a laughing/coughing fit so severe, I nearly threw up. If that's no proof of its quality, I don't know what is! Watch it.

5. And, if you ever get bored or have a younger sibling over for a visit...

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