5 things I like this week

Listing time! Hooray!

1. This recipe for a "blooming onion". I had no idea that such a thing existed and clearly, I have not lived my life to the fullest up to this point. Holy moly, it looks GOOD!

2. Remember the time when I told you I'm into crappy movies? Yeah, here's another one I definititely want to watch. Soon.

3. Caitlin Moran has written a posthumous letter to her daughter. Oh Caitlin, you are so wonderful and brilliant and funny and I wish you were my new best friend. Also - your letter made me weep into my morning coffee...

4. I hate both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson for numerous reasons (mainly that ludicrous stripper movie the former made, and this particular scene it it, during which I nearly died of vicarious embarassment) and I also hate scary stuff, but the trailer to this new show on HBO looks beyond amazing. So I guess I will have to man up and watch this shit.

5.Apparently, Americans had no idea that spaghetti ice cream existed. Now they have opened a german ice cream parlour in New York City though (take a moment to grasp the full amount of absurdity in this sentence, please...) and they are going crazy for it. Oh you Yankees, you have so much but you never thought about ice cream in the shape of spaghetti? You poor, poor people....

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