Red Head Days, Day 1

After we spent almost the entire day in the car, we finally arrived in Breda last night. The place where every year, thousands of gingers come together to celebrate their redheadness.

We found the hotel and collapsed on our bed. Seven hours in a car is quite a long time...

Then we decided to hit the town. We found this beautiful park, but no redheads were to be seen...

But then we rounded a corner, and there they were. We were immediately invited for a group picture. Quite a surreal experience to be honest...

And after we had taken a lot of pictures and filmed a bit as well, we got dinner and then returned to our hotel, because it was icy cold and we were freezing and tired.

So, instead of doing the redhead pub crawl, we watched Despicable Me and ate chocolate. Which was awesome.

Today is the Redhead Days main event, and we are enormously psyched. It's going to be so much fun!

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