Internet detox.

As of right now, I will be on my way to my second summer holiday this year. Nearly three weeks on my favourite Danish island, alone with my sister, the nature, the beach and the sea. I have 17 books for 18 days, and I'm pretty confident that I will finish them all.
And best/worst of all (considering the fact that Uncle Sam keeps more than well informed about anything one might do or write on the internet) - I have not the slightest possibility to go online there. On some days, even the reception for my phone is shot. So I will be forced to go cold turkey on my internet consumption. No facebook, no twitter, no tumblr, no nothing. And no blog. Booooh. But fret not, my lovely blog readers. I will put this blog into a nice long summer slumber, and when I'm back, I will be bursting with inspiration, good ideas and a lot of awesome pictures from my holiday. So, to leave you all on a happier note, I have collected a few funny things from this lovely internet universe to put you in a good summer mood. Wanna see?!

1. This. Always this.

2. The difference about porn sex and real sex. I salute the geniuses who made this video.

3. The world would be a better place if everybody was on Team Edward. And also - I want a shirt like that.

4. French men dancing to a medley of Spice Girls songs, with Beyoncé-moves and in crazy (!) high high high heels. You never knew that THIS is what you always wanted to see, until right now!

5. And a few people who weren't on the same page.

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