birthday paella and fancy cake

Last Friday was my dad's birthday, which meant a little party was in order. Usually parties in my family mean a lot of food, and this one was no exception. So beware, dear readers, for this blog entry includes some serious food porn!

I arrived early to find the giant paella pan already propped up in the garden.

The man of the hour was wearing his finest cooking clothes.

And tapas were all ready to be eaten (or rather wolfed down...).

My sister and I were majorly excited about this.

Finally the paella was done, and everybody started digging in.

Our waistbands already pretty stretched out, we all fell into some sort of food coma, until we got roughly awakened and called to the dessert table.

And after we had managed to get a bit of dessert down, too, I waved good-bye and rolled home.

Lovely Friday!

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