autobahn roads, take me home.

Aaaand, we're back! Hooray! Imagine me running towards you, wagging my hands excitedly while yelling, "I'm back, I'm back, and look look loooooook how tan I am!!!!"
Two weeks of lying around the beaches of my favourite island, two weeks of eating fried fish on a daily basis, two weeks of late night dinners and reading and laughing our heads off and gazing at the stars while peeing and showering with snails and spiders and trying to ignore the other Germans. SUCH FUN! (only members of this year's holiday crew will grasp the full meaning of this phrase....) I am freckled from head to toe, I have a swollen knee from running and my hair looks like I have been living outside the civilized world for a decade but I also have a hippie-sized amount of love for this world and the life I am living, so it's a win!
Now I have to wash all of my belongings, get over the fact that I spent around 14 hours on the fucking autobahn yesterday and settle back into my daily routines. I will also harrass you with a buttload of holiday photos (be grateful I don't invite you around for a slide show night, where I make you look at pictures of yours truly in a bikini!), but for now let's ease back into this lovely blog by listening to our holiday song this year. Don't judge, it is so damn catchy...

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