5 things I like this week

It's been a really long time since we've had a decent list on this blog. That needs to change. Let's do it.

1. A really interesting looking documentary about paparazzi and famous people. As someone who can name all children of David and Victoria Beckham without even pausing to think for a second, this seems like a really exciting thing to watch.

2. This two-year-old singing a Beatles song will make you ovulate. Even if you're a guy. Seriously, you want to teach your future kids just the same...

3. Beautiful pictures of colour explosions under water. I am not sure if I have posted this before, but even so - unbelievably beautiful! 

4. Finally the trailer for "CBGB" is out. Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint in another movie together. And it's a film about music and New York City and history being made. Nerdgasm.

5. There is now a fantastic piece of tv show that deals only with - tadaaa - tv shows! The Writer's Room features Jim Rash (Dean Pelton from Community) as the host, who interviews a ton of interesting writers and show creators. Sounds like my kind of show.

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