Why I sometimes want to hit somebody hard in the balls.

Aaand it's Monday morning again... If you need something to focus your Monday morning hatred on, how about this? Believe me, you can focus a lot of hate on it...

In "celebration" of the UEFA Women European Football Championship, one of the German public-service television broadcasters, the ZDF, has produced a fun little trailer. Only it's not fun, instead it's unbelievably sexist. On behalf of all female football players, I want to throw up right now. Because not only do these women work their asses off, they are also much better in their own field, compared to the German male football team. And still they have to put up with shit like this. I expected this kind of sexist bullshit from yelling idiots in stadiums, I did not expect it from one of Germany's most distinguished tv stations. Well done guys, well done...

You can go and watch the video here.

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