Whipped Awesomeness.

Time for the biggest food revelation of the century: Whipped Feta.

Yes, this is happening and I felt like leaving a few lines empty, so as to give you time to grasp just how awesome this is. Let me write it again, this time in capitals: WHIPPED FETA. Now, this should get you all excited and amazed. Are you feeling it? Yes? Good. So, Whipped Feta (one more in italics, to really get you going...), it's like "Feta 2.0", like "Feta - the next generation". It's like Justin Timberlake after N'Sync split up and he became best buddies with Timbaland and Pharell and made awesome booty-shake music. This is food porn. This is the Justin Timberlake of dairy products!
Since you now probably want to try it too, this is what you do: You go out and buy a pack of feta cheese and a pack of cream cheese immediately. When you are back home, you put the block of feta in a bowl and attack it with an electric whisk. It will crumble and after a while, when the crumbs can't get any smaller, it will become a creamy mass. Now it is time to throw in the cream cheese and mix it all up, until it gets slightly fluffy. Then, you unplug your phone, get a shitload of things to spread the feta-cream-goodness on (bread, vegetables, half a cow, a block of cheese, Ryan Gosling) and marvel on the awesomeness that is the human taste bud.

You're very welcome.

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