time travels and colour explosions.

Boy, did I have a busy weekend. Well, if busy is code for "awesome". Let's have a look, shall we?!

My weekend started on Friday with me taking pictures at a Maximo Park concert. Even though I have seen this band at least three times before, I have never actually taken pictures of them. So that's something I can check off my list...

Lucky for me, my best mate worked at the merch tent, so I had a place to leave my bag.

This one is only a sneak peak, you can see all of the pictures I took on my lovely employers website some time later today.

This song was the official soundtrack to at least 4 heartbreaks of mine. I was grateful I had waterproof mascara on Friday...

My Saturday was superboring and filled with megafun (I'm being ironic like fuck here...) activities like doing my laundry, cleaning the dustbins and organizing my work desk. So the only picture I can show is the one of my dinner and dinner movie. Most entertaining film I have seen in a long time. But more on that topic another time...

On Sunday I got up early to make cronuts for my girl Gina's birthday brunch. What are cronuts you ask? Well, they are the latest rage in New York City, so, yeah, we're pretty much up to speed with the trends here... But to answer your question: Cronuts are a hybrid between croissants and donuts (Duh!) so basically, they are just fried puff pastry. (Want to know another great recipe? Wrap a stick of butter in a pound of bacon and fry that! Yumms.)

You basically just stack about 4 or 5 layers of puff pastry on top of each other, cut out the donuts and throw them into boiling fat. Easy as a Sunday morning. Then you fill them with some sort of vanilla mousse, but I had no nozzle to get the mousse into the cronuts. So I whipped up some raspberry frosting instead. I used powdered sugar, lemon juice and powdered raspberries.

Unfortunately I have not a single picture from the (really lovely!) birthday brunch, because I was too busy to stuff my face with delicious food. Instead you can look at this picture I took on my way from the birthday brunch to my friend C's place. We had tickets to the first ever Holi festival of this town. But first we had to drink some bubbly on the balcony.

It is impossible to properly describe the madness that is a Holi festival. But It. Is. So. Much. Fun.

You can check out some more pictures here (fun new game "Where's Waldo - the Holi edition": there's a picture of me hidden somewhere in the gallery) and an awesome video here.

I had to shower for about 25 minutes to get all the colour off when I came home and then I couldn't do anything more than just sit on my couch and eat ice cream and then go to bed.

Fantastic weekend!

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