out in the past.

Over the past few weeks, I have rekindled some old romances with bands I once loved. My love for them never wavered, but they disappeared in a mass of indietronic-electro-hipster-bands and I mourned them, thinking I had lost them forever.

But then - they magically reappeared! First, I discovered that the wonderful Rifles are back to their original band member line-up and are also releasing a new album this autumn. I found shaky Youtube clips of them performing new songs, my heart rate quickened and I was like - YAY!

Alan Donohoe - Champagne Campaign from WeLoveCreate on Vimeo.

Then I discovered that Alan Donohoe, the ex-frontman of The Rakes, has a new music video out. And again, I was like - YAY!
Franz Ferdinand - the old "schampus and lachsfisch"-combo have also come back from the temporarily dead. And so have the Arctic Monkeys. Even Pete Doherty did somehow manage to stay alive, make a new record and release a single. And there are new youngling padawans coming, who can actually play an instrument and don't need synthesizers or weird dance moves.

It's almost like I'm 22 again. YAY!

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