my weekend

So, as you already know, I spent my weekend with my stepmum's giant (!) family, but I actually forgot to take my camera. Luckily, we live in modern times and I have a camera phone. Hooray for that.

The weekend started kinda early with church at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning. My youngest sister had her Confirmation, so our (otherwise quite atheistic) family sucked it up and went to church. My sister C and I were a bit hungover and dared each other to take selfies during service. Inapproproate? Yes. Fun? Also yes. The damn thing went on for nearly 3 hours, so we needed to do something to pass the time...

When we (completely starved) made it finally back to my parents place, my stepmum had outdone herself with the food. Awesomeness.

Here's a 'prom picture' of my little sister and her two besties. I think this picture calls for a little heart-sign-thingy. Here we go: ♥.

My sister C and my cousin. And giant pretzels.

When we had stuffed our faces with cake and cheese, it was time to drive up North to the family meeting. Three hours later, we arrived. Just in time for the bestest, most delicious and most awesome Paella of all times. Sweet Baby Jesus, it is goooood!

Traditionally, we all sit down afterwards to sing around a bonfire.

Which some of us are better at than others...

The next morning I awoke in this beautiful house and went down to breakfast.

And after that, we were all called for the traditional annual picture...

That's how many we were (I couldn't even get all of them on the picture...)

And after many many 'good-bye's and 'save way home's, my cousin and I got back into my wheezing car and drove back home.

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