Hemma bäst.

33 hours door-to-door travelling time.
1650 kilometres.
1 squeaking fan belt and 1 busted shock absorber on my car.
3 crying sessions in my car, on the boat, and on a rest stop at the autobahn.
4 energy bars.
1 BiFi sausage roll.

Now I'm home, it's raining and I am washing every item of clothing I own. I have eaten a buttload of pasta last night, have drunken my first decent beer in a month (sorry Sweden, you do a lot of things well. Beer is not one of them.), have run 3 kilometres on a treadmill this morning and slowly am realising that I no longer am in Stockholm. I have had a really nice time up there, have met incredible people, have eaten delicious food, have drunken red wine whilst sitting around a camp fire, have been on boat tours and other adventures. I have laughed a lot, cried a little and learned some things. And I have had a really nice farewell party with cake and coffee and a walk in the woods. My month in Sweden couldn't have ended on a better note...

Tack för allt, ni fina människor som jag fick träffa. Det är verkligen synd att jag bor så jävligt långt bort, annars skulle jag pendla jämt...

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