Guest blogger: Lovely Lena

It's time for our first ever guest blogger here on andnoplanb, and it's lovely Lena who has the honour of writing about her outlook on life. Being only 16 - an age in which I was still very much only concerned with my nerdy hobbies - she has already thought about dreams and plans and life goals a lot, and will now share her wisdom with you people. So clap your hands together (unless you are in public, that would probably look quite weird) and give a warm welcome to our new kid on the blog Lena. 

When nothing goes right, go left

As an average teenager of my smart phone-addicted generation, I'm constantly waiting for my big adventure to come. A goal, for which I have to run for miles and miles, a road trip, flying to the moon and back again.
By now, my dreams are really big, but as a child, everything I wanted to do was still achievable. Today, it's a bit different.
Everyone of us is afraid what the future holds. Older generations went through this before. They always tell us that it will be fine in the end. And I think: alright, yes. But really, I don't want to become like you.
There are rappers, surfers and professional skateboarders on tv, who can live the life they dreamed of as a teenager. You don't have to be careful what you say, you don't have to suit-up, no problem if you wear tunnels or snapbacks. They are able to live their passion. But who of us "normal" people is going to have a life like that?
Many dreams get busted when you grow up, and everybody tells us that change is normal and necessary. But if you hear the story of your own father, who worked as a DJ and photographer 20 years ago, and is now complaining constantly about his job in the hospital and is almost never getting time for the things he loves, that really makes me wonder and think about changes, chasing dreams and growing older.
Wise people on blogs tell us that, “If it's meant to be, it will be.” Really?! Because, people waste their time on Facebook or are stressing about unimportant stuff, but they never really get into the business of following their dreams. Even financial investigators might have wanted to become astronauts at some point. And isn't it boring to just talk about the weather or your problems with your weight all day long?
There are so many examples of independent, dope teenagers who two years after finishing school get settled down and boring. That scares us, so we never want to get old. Comfort and security will make us not want to take risks. Right now, we're willing to do everything to get closer to our dreams!
I think, it is just important not to lose your readiness to take risks sometimes, to remind yourself of who you are and where you want to go and to know, that if your dreams don't scare you, they probably aren't big enough.
So, take the advise of a girl who has no plan what to do next, and still wants to change the world: If I really want to do my own thing, I will make it. Even if I don't yet know, what will come and what I want. But as long as I am free to do my thing, I will do as much as I can and be as loud as I can, because - as a great German author once said - only those who grow up and remain children are truly human.

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