5 things I like this week

It's supposed to be nearly 40°C this weekend. So I'll go and bury myself in a giant tub of ice now and leave you lot with a couple of things I liked this week.

1. This fun little experiment video, in which a woman in New York asks random male strangers to buy her tampons. Favourite moment: The guy asking her "Can I just buy toilet paper instead?!"

2. Ever wondered how baby giraffes sleep?!

3. Here is a list of the most eligible bachelors of Westeros that I almost completely agree with.

4. John Oliver mocks the media coverage on the birth of little Prince George. Priceless.

5. I'm a sucker for children singing Queen songs. And for kick-ass little girls riding skateboards.

And now my friends, I advise you to step away from your computer, get a bucket of ice cream and lie down next to a swimming pool somewhere. Enjoy your hot weekend!

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