There are worse things I could do, than go with a boy or two.

Yeah, we're back on clothes. Have you left me for the economics section in the newspaper yet?
So, a monumental thing has happened! I have found the jacket. I mean, THE jacket. The one I have been looking for since I was 15 and saw Grease and wanted so badly to be Rizzo.

Sure, I had a newly made rip-off from H&M and I found one in a thrift shop years ago, that made me look so bulky, I was mistaken for a guy more than once. But when I walked into one of my favourite thrift shops yesterday, it just sat there, waiting for me - finally, the perfect jacket. I almost didn't put it on, because I thought it wouldn't fit me. But then it did. Like a glove.

And I look like I have a boyfriend on the baseball/football/lacrosse team, who gave me his jacket because I was cold that night we made out in the backseat of his car. Apparently his name is Jim and he plays left-wing (at least that would explain the "LW" on the jacket). I looked up the possible high school this came from, and wrote them an e-mail, asking whether this may have belonged to a student of their school. So far, I haven't gotten an answer. But I got a jacket. THE jacket.

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