The Great Escape

After I have slept for what felt like 5 days, I have now mentally fully arrived in one of my favourite cities in the entire world. And even though Stockholm welcomed me with heavy traffic and pouring rain, it now makes up for it with endless sun (we're talking 18 hours of sunshine a day!) and pretty boys (we're talking REALLY pretty boys!).
Let's have a look at my first day.
(I'm really sorry, but it's only instagram pictures, since I have been too lazy to get my real camera out of its bag...)

My girl Ella - who is my oldest friend in the world - moved to Sweden a few years ago. Right now she is staying with a couple she knows, and as luck would have it, they had a spare room for me, too. This is the cliché-pretty house I live in right now.

I know, I've shown you this picture before, but I can't believe that this is actually my view now!

I started yesterday off with a nice long (*cough*) joggingtour. Nice and long means pretty much 16 minutes in my case...

When I could breathe normally again, I got myself ready and we hit the town. Since it was grey and cold, we needed a little pick-me-up and went to Ladurée to get ourselves some macarons (who knew licorice macarons would be my new favourite?!). Awesomeness.

But because they are not particularly substantial food, we needed something else pretty soon and went to one of my favourite places, Louie Louie and ate the most giant salads. Holy moly, am I going to spend a lot of time here this month...

We soon went home, where I fell asleep on my bed instantly. Later I had dinner with my friend Jessi, but the camera phone stayed in my pocket for that. The day ended with a nice glass of wine and Swedish lösgodis (basically sweets) in "our" garden.

Great first day. ♥

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