Lace and tulle and silk and taffeta.

Since I work as a photographer for weddings sometimes, I talk to a lot of brides and brides-to-be. And after you have covered the "How did he propose?" and the "Oh my gosh, it DOES seem essential whether the main course is fish or chicken!" your conversation invariably turns to THE DRESS. And all brides I have ever talked to, have told me the exact same thing: it is absolutely impossible to find a decent wedding dress, for a decent price. Most of all, one that has sleeves or at least straps. The evil strapless wedding dress industry simply doesn't consider that there are women out there who want to cover the fuck up! Even on their wedding day. ESPECIALLY on their wedding day! (I am using an awful lot of capital letters in this entry, by the way...)
One of my favourite blogs that I regularly read, is the one by Elsa Billgren, who is a vintage expert, tv-presenter and writer. She has a collection of vintage wedding dresses, that she rents out for a bargain price. I loved that idea so much, that I thought I might just copy it and take it with me to Germany. I found a few beautiful dresses for very little money and when I return home next month, I will rent them out to all the future brides in need of beautiful vintage wedding dresses. First I will have to get them properly cleaned though. On nearly all of them were stains of lipstick and spilled red wine. I mean, how beautiful is that?!
Here are a few sneak peeks of the first 3 dresses in my collection. My girl Ella agreed to be a bride for about an hour yesterday afternoon...

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Hit me with opinions folks!

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