Yesterday was the Swedish National Day, and we decided to do something nice to honour the occasion. It was ridiculously warm and sunny, so we skipped the traditional parade and went to a park to lie in the sun and drink wine instead.

We found a nice place on the green grass. Jessi was thrilled.

And with good reason, because we had not only wine, but also mini donuts and gossip magazines.

Here am I. Jessi took the picture and I don't look like a bridge-guarding-troll on it (which is usually the case in 99% of all pictures of me), so I love it!

We had wild geese to keep us company.

And flowers blooming in the bright sunlight.

There were people out and about, having barbecues and celebrating the fact that it was easily 29 degrees outside.

And a little later we were joined by this awesome person, who helped us drink some of the wine. 

And when we had eaten all our donuts, read all our magazines, gotten sunburns and talked about all the important things in life, it was finally time to pack up and take the tube home. Beautiful national day!

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