Monday Funday.

My Monday morning started out pretty nice, because right after I had woken up and had fixed myself into a presentable state, I went to town and met up Ella for breakfast at Urban Deli.

It was divine.

Afterwards we went back home, since I still had a cold and the weather couldn't decide whether to be nice or ridiculously cold.

Here's yours truly in the new Doris-Day-dress. It's second-hand, it was super cheap and I love it very much. And I'm not wearing cropped leggings, these are my new knee support thingys, because I fucked up my joints with my jogging work-out regime.

When the weather still couldn't make up its mind, I decided to do something with all the rhubarb we have in the garden.

It became a rhubarb pie. Yeah, baby.

Then we had coffee and pie in the garden, until we went for a walk in the woods and a dip in the lake (not me though.)

And for dinner, we had Pacman food. Because I am secretly 5 years old.

Relaxed Monday...

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