Yesterday was the biggest possible Swedish holiday - Midsommar, the longest day of the year. It's a day of fun and booze and altogether acting like a drunk child. And these are naturally my favourite kind of holidays...


So, I got up early and met Jessi, to take a boat out to FjÀderholmarna, a small group of islands in the archipelago of Stockholm.

It was a sunny and warm, but so windy that I accidentally flashed my panties at strangers all the time.

We found a nice spot to stay and when we had to vacate it (too windy, tide coming in, angry birds), we found another one almost immediately.

We had bubbly and enough food to survive for about a week...

After a few hours, we packed up everything, took the boat back to Stockholm, and went to pick up Jessi's boyfriend, who had to work. When we had rescued the poor guy, we all went to Hagaparken, to meet up some other people. The city was completely deserted. It was like Vanilla Sky...

Lovely Katja picked us up at the entry of Hagaparken and led us to a very secret place in the middle of nowhere.

There, we met this fun gang around their grill...

We went along with it, immediately!

Then, we had to drink Snaps, sing songs and dance around our own (quite 'petite') pole.

Afterwards it was champagne and cigars.

And then, we just enjoyed the view, until it was time to say goodbye and go on the long way home.

Since Instagram now also let's you take videos, you will be among the first ones to see actual video footage of my midsummer. Brace yourselves, people!


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