Living for the weekend

This last weekend was a little subdued, because I am still struggling with a sore throat and a cough, but nevertheless, I managed to get out of bed and into fun adventures at least a little bit.

On Saturday morning, for example. I went to Trädgården (Swedish for 'garden'), which is a fun outdoor club in Stockholm. 

It's located under a bridge on which tube trains are rumbling and usually you can go here to get pissed on cider and listen to electronical music. 

But on Saturdays they also host fleemarkets, which is pretty awesome.

I met up with these two lovelies and drank cold drinks.

And after that, I went home and curled up next to this one and read my book for the rest of the day.

On Sunday I took the tube to Telefonplan and went to see one of the best exhibitions I have seen in past years. It was by Emma Svensson, who is one of my favourite photographers. She has done an exhibition of pictures she had taken of Kristian Gidlund, who is a journalist, blogger and drummer in a band called Sugarplum Fairy. Two years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, about which he started blogging on his blog 'i kroppen min' ('in my body'). After a lot of chemo therapy and a lifethreatening operation he was officially cancer free. But last summer the cancer came back and this time it is terminal. It is a heartbreaking topic to write about in itself, but he does it in such a beautiful way, I sat in front of the computer crying my eyes out a lot over the past year. 

Now Emma Svensson, who has known Kristian for 10 years, composed an exhibition of her pictures and short text pieces, written by Gidlund. It was very, very beautifully done and I wasn't the only one there who was silently crying.

After this, I took a long walk around the town to clear my mind. Accidentaly, I stumbled across a sign, showing the way to yet another flee market.

Curiously, I went up the street to check it out. I found this hallway.

When I walked through it, I found this mini-fleemarket in a backyard.

They had a stunning view.

On my way home I saw a thunder storm darken the sky, so I hurried to get under a roof.

And later, when I went running, I saw this beautiful rainbow. The third one I have seen since I came here, by the way...

And then, my weekend was over.

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