I said baby the sun is bright, I need my sunglasses.

After years of being absolutely faithfully in love with my pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, I have done the unspeakable thing and bought myself a hot new sunglass-affair, to fool around with (alright, this metaphor is falling apart now.) 

E&E is a Swedish company that makes beautiful (sun)glasses (and yes, in about two years, every hipster in the entire world will wear their stuff!). They are from the far North of Sweden and so they name all of their sunglasses after towns and villages in this country's Northern parts. Except for the pair I purchased, which is called Sahara. That's because they were designed in a collaboration with the all-female, kick-ass band Sahara Hotnights. I took pictures of them a few years back, so I am extra-psyched to have their sunglasses on my nose.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Sahara Hotnights, when they played at the Peace&Love FEstival in Borlänge in 2011.

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