Gripsholm, Kurt and a boat ride.

Yesterday morning, I took my girl Ella and we went to sit on a little steam boat.

We were thoroughly excited about it.

Slowly, we left Stockholm behind us.

We saw big houses and small houses.

And boats and loads of green and blue.

Our boat was chugging away, the Swedish flag puckering in the cold wind.

And then, at last, we rounded a corner and saw our destination: Mariefred.

It is so ridiculously beautiful there, you feel like you are on a movie set the whole time.

We even climbed up a steep little hill to the church and waved down to our boat, that lay in the harbour and looked tiny from so far above.

Then we went to the castle.

Gripsholm is my favourite, favourite castle in the world. Because it's not a fancy lady like most castles, it's more like a fat little matron, lying on the green grass next to the lake.

We also wanted to lie on the green grass, next to the lake, so that's what we did.

And when we had eaten all our strawberries and butterscotch and had read most of my favourite book, it was already time to go back home.

Bye bye, Mariefred! Until next time...

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