Emptio nigrum egressus

There is a little-known medical condition, the so-called "shopping blackout" or "emptio nigrum egressus" (thank you, google translators...). The phenomenon is caused by a sale or reduction of the usual retail prices in a store selling clothes, shoes, books or records - amongst other things. This causes the brain of the potential buyer to go into overdrive and black out for a few minutes. When the affected shopper regains consciousness, they often have purchased a lot more, than they meant to originally. There is not yet a cure for this illness, but with generous donations, you could enable us to do a bit more research on the topic.
Up until now, we have dipped into our private funds to do so, and even though we have not yet made so much headway on the possibilities for a cure, we at least have bought some awesome items on the way. For example, two pairs of ridiculously high platform shoes to honour the memory of Geri Halliwells days of being the awesomest spice of the Spice Girls. It's like walking with giant bricks under your feet!

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