3 things I like this week

The last few days simply flew by, so now I am on my last nerve packing all of my stuff (the amount of shit currently in my posession has at least tripled in the last month...) and trying o figure out how the hell I am supposed to fit nine (!) wedding dresses on my back seat. Fun times!
But for you, my dear readers, I have composed a tiny little list of things I like this week. Enjoy and wish my luck for my journey tomorrow... It's gonna be a tough one.

Tomorrow this blog will have its first guest blogger. My girl Lena has agreed to write down a bit of wisdom from a 16-year-old to all of us old doters. Hooray for that!

1. These kids make me enormously happy.

2.Sculptures dressed as hipsters.

3. This. Is. Genius.

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