Wild thing, you make my heart sing.

Last Thursday was a holiday, so I didn't have to work. Instead I went to a truly awesome event with my mum! She works as a teacher for physically handicapped children, and we went to the school where she works. Once or twice a year, they host an event during which a motorcycle club comes to the school to offer rides to all the children there. Their bikes all had special sidecars in which the kids sat and everytime you could hear anything over the roaring of the machines, it was laughter or excited yells. There was a party going on for the parents and there was cake and coffee and a band playing.

My mum told me that after the first time they did this, both the children and the guys from the motorcycle club were so excited, it became a regular thing. It really makes me happy to think that these guys spent a day off, driving around the same 5-minute-routes for an entire day to make some kids happy. I guess there is hope for humanity yet...

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