Summer list

I nicked this wonderful summer list from Sandra, and translated it to English. I love me some good, old-fashioned questionnaire time...

My plans for the summer: I am probably going to spend June in Sweden, July back home, taking pictures at as many concerts and festivals as possible, August mostly in Denmark with friends and in September I am going to the Netherlands with my little sister.

Best place during the summer: My lovely hometown has the only public swimming pool in all of Germany that is for women only. Which is beyond awesome, because you never have to shave your legs, you can lie around topless and there are old ladies there who are all rinkly and leathery from lying in the sun for 60 summers in a row, and who will play Bridge and drink wine at 11am. It is heaven.

Favourite flower: Columbines. So very, very pretty.

My favourite place to swim: My favourite beach on my favourite island Bornholm. Even though I prefer a swimming pool to the sea any day, it is definitely a personal win, when you manage to get into the freezing water of the Baltic Sea without crying...

Best summer song of the past years: Everything on "Revolver" by the Beatles. And I believe this one is going to be a big one this year...

This is what I will listen to this summer: My ultimate summer playlist.

That's what I'll watch this summer: I have no idea. I definitely need tips, because all of my tv shows are about to go on hiatus, and I will be going into withdrawal soon...

Favourite smell: the way hot asphalt smells when it has just rained.

The ultimate summer day: Waking up in a house that is filled with friends, having an enormous breakfast together, falling asleep in a hammock with a good book lying open on your belly, someone nice bringing you a cold drink, an awesome dinner in the evening, loads of red wine, good food, good conversations, lots of laughter and someone playing guitar, staying up way too late, going to bed with a cozy, drowsy and slightly tipsy feeling of overall happiness, and a Ryan Gosling lookalike next to you in your kingsize bed. The End.


  1. Åh jisses så härliga bilder!

  2. so true ! favorite smell: freshly cut grass that is drying in the hot sun and the smell is just wavering in the air, crickets singing in the background