Is it a guilty pleasure if you don't feel bad about it?!

So, maybe I mentioned this one before, but I am into seriously bad movies. No, you know what, "bad" is the wrong word. These aren't bad movies, they have good actors in it, and they are funny and witty and well-produced. But they are the kind of movie where the guy always gets the girl in the end, the a-capella band wins the singing contest, the geeky kid finds another geeky kid to make out with and the estranged daughter falls into her father's arms and sobbs "I love you, daddy!".
My friends sometimes try to make me go into really sad independent movies, where there is no happy end, because that would be "unrealistic". In these movies there is no power ballad welling up when the girl and the guy have to fight one last time, before they can finally get together. There is no Katherine Heigl, no Sandra Bullock and no Zac Efron in these films. And as much as I like being artsy-fartsy sometimes - these kind of movies bring me down. Big time. When I went to see "Control" (the Ian Curtis biopic), I was close to a clinical depression for days afterwards. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" - holy Moses, did I cry! Let's be clear here, I do watch serious films, too. I have seen more Ingmar Bergman movies than anybody should have to see, believe me! But all in all, I prefer funny movies. Silly movies. Movies that make you feel good and leave you with a feeling of elated happiness, when you leave the cinema. So I collected a few trailers of silly films I really want to see this year. Yay, Hollywood!

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