Blog tip of the week: A Cup of Jo

I originally started reading blogs, because I wanted to brush up my Swedish skills, so until this very day I mostly read Swedish blogs. There are just very, very few written in another language that I actually stuck with. A Cup of Jo is one of these, and it is also one of my absolute favourites! It is written by the amazing Joanna Goddard, a blogger and journalist from New York City. She blogs about everything from motherhood to recipes to travelling to lifestyle stuff to girly issues. Every time you look in there, you'll discover another great thing, like an awesome recipe or a really interesting entry about motherhood. The whole thing is accompanied by beautiful pictures of her family, her apartment and the greatest city on earth - New York City.
Joannas blog is my personal pick-me-up after a particularly grey day and I often get a lot of inspiration and great tips from it. Like ideas for Christmas gifts or the recipe for homemade ricotta donuts (which you should try, by the way...) or pizza (also a must-try!).
Go and check it out, and I am pretty sure you will stick with it, too...

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