A young doctor's notebook

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How could I not have discovered this brilliant Sky Arts miniseries before? How? HOW? It is so good, it could be produced by the BBC!
Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's collection of short stories called "A Country Doctor's Notebook", the show consists of four (way too short) episodes, starring Daniel Radcliffe as a young doctor, who, after graduating sum cum laude from medical school in Moscow, is send to a tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere in Russia to practice medicine. Completely overwhelmed and confronted with rough cases of illness, he soon learns to stand his man and to get along with the other medical staff (brilliantly played by Adam Godley, for example...). He is regularly visited by an older version of himself, played by Jon Hamm. Hamm shines as the deeply sarcastic older version of "the doctor". He is - quite frankly - hilarious, and so is Radcliffe. One of the things I hated about the Harry Potter movies - apart from leaving out superimportant stuff - was, that Dan Radcliffe almost never got to show his comical talent. And of this he has plenty! He is like a hilarious ADHD-patient, always jumping or running, constantly smoking and basically making a fool of himself every 20 seconds, and all of this while Kalinka is playing in the background. Hamm, who usually only gets to play sulky and serious Don Draper on Mad Men, throws one sarcastic comment after the other at Radcliffe, who doesn't seem to realize just how bad his situation really is. This is alternated with serious and dramatic scenes, where the audience slowly learns what has become of the doctor in the long run.

(picture taken from here)

The only thing that is bad about this show is that there are only four episodes, each about 20 minutes long. I mean, come on! I can knock that back in one sitting! And you should do that too, by the way, because it is just that good! After much research on the internet, I have found out that there might be a possibility for a second series, and I really, reeeeally hope that will happen. More of this quirky tv-goodness for me, please!

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