5 things to brighten your Friday

People, we almost made it! In a few hours, it will be weekend. To brighten up your last hours of the working week, I have collected a few funny things from the internet. Here we go!

1. The most life-changing songs about Friday. Of course it has Rebecca Black in it. Of course it has...

2. 75-year-old Bill Cosby dancing to Reggae and taking over the whole show. Seriously, is there a person in the world who wouldn't want this man as a granddad?!

3. 30 Baby Animals that will make you go 'Awww'. People who can look at this tiny hedgehog, without uttering a sound, are probably dead inside...

4. A 105-year-old woman, who claims that eating bacon every day is the reason for her old age.

5. A moving picture of a cat, doing exactly what I plan to do this evening, when I come home from work.

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